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Medical Interview

Detailed, personalised feedback on large bank of MMI stations built based on actual previous MMs used at range of universities. Get started for free now!

How it works

Prepare for your medicine interview with our AI Preparation Tool

Nervous about your upcoming interview? Try our new AI-driven interview preparation tool, your personal coach for mastering medical interviews and fine-tune every aspect of your interview preparation.

Instant AI Feedback
You'll get an overall score and specific feedback on what you did well and ways to improve for next time.
Tutor Feedback
For a more detailed response, one of our premium tutors will review your response within 24 hours and give you a score on a series of categories
Unlimited Attempts
While there are credits for feedback, you can record as many responses to questions as you like

Simple no-tricks pricing

When you first sign up, you get 5 free Al credits. After that, you have the option to buy credits below.

1 credit is used per MMI station attempt so if a station has 3 parts it will still take 1 credit. If you re-attempt that station it will take another credit. The more credits you buy, the cheaper it is per credit!

Tutor credits

A senior Medic Mind tutor will review your response and give detailed, written feedback within 24 hours of your response.

£for credits

AI credits

Your response will be reviewed by Al meaning you will get instant feedback but it may be less detailed and more generic.

£for credits

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